Tuesday, 31 January 2012



I have planned on making my next music video!
And this time it is going to be a complete dance video...it is duad - me and my brother Joshua Gerard, will be performing.

The dance is a combination of tutting, liquid, robotic and indian fission styles of dance.

I liked DUBSTEP the moment i listened to it because, it suited very well with the style of dance that i am most comfortable with!
Therefore i decided to compose an Indian version of DUBSTEP.
I used Fl studio 10 to compose the song!

Myself, Jesly (Cameraman) and my brother Joshua, were there in the studio shooting this video.
We went to the studio around 7pm...but there was a delay caused by the previous group who had occupied the studio and we had to start the shoot only at 12 early morning.

This time i decided to hire a bigger studio and it was worth it!
Suresh (who owns the studio) was kind enough to extend the duration inorder to compensate the delay!
The shoot got over around 8 am.

"Instead of having a complete dance video, i decided to do something, that i like the most, i.e a combination of gimmicks and miming!

The video was shot using Canon 550d and Sony HD handy-cam.
Special thanks to Jesly (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000367869582) for staying up all night and shooting the video.
Thnx to my brother Joshua (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=753334514) , who danced and helped me choreograph the music video.
Thanks to Bibiana for the Makeup and hairstyling.

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