Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Kolaveri Johnna

Kolaveri di song from the Tamil movie 3, has gone global and viral.
Initially i hated the song (even now i do...lol) but later the song kept ringing in my mind.

The fact that the song, help spread Tamil culture/cinema/language all over the world, makes me feel proud.
The people all over the world are starting to recognize not only the South, but the North and the whole of India.

This inspired me to do this video.

It hardly took 15 min for me to come up with a unique way of visualizing and choreographing the song.

I later put all my ideas into a script form and decided to shoot the next day itself.

I called up Jesly Anto (a friend of mine) to help me film the video.
He was kind enough to pick me up to the Studio , do the make up, costume, handled the lights and the camera.

During the shoot we did not have the audio and so we had to manage using the script that i had prepared earlier.
Apart from the 3 characters which i performed in the video (Iyer, Mime and Dancer), i also had two other characters in the script...but due to time constrain (only 4 hrs for the studio) i had to chuck them and modified the script on the spot!

I donot know the name of the studio, but it belongs to Suresh (Actor Raguvaran's brother).
He was kind enough to consider the cost for the Studio...thanx to him!
They have 3 lovely studios, each one with diffrent sizes!
You can contact him if you need one : Suresh - 9841091036

After filming, i immediately edited the footage.
I did not want to upload the video initially (cuz i had become an artist/comedian/entertainer : making a fool of oneself for entertaining / for the pleasure of other/viewers).
I was ill for about a week and i still did not upload the video.
Finally because of the hard work of Jesly and the involvement of family (they provided the props, costume and makeup), i decided to upload.

Btw, i did not have a Dhothi, i had to borrow it from my father.
Turns out that my father did not have one either, except for the that belongs to my Grand father (Vincent Gerard)...my grand father wore it for his wedding...lol!
And that is the one in the video!

Anyways am glad that i did upload!
Thankyou to all those who have been sharing, commenting and encouraging me!


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